Kuhl Lab



The Kuhl Lab, at the University of Oregon, is leading important research on the cognitive neuroscience of how we remember and why we forget.

The Kuhl Lab needed a website that presented the exciting research program professionally and helped explain the program effectively.  The website needed to perform perfectly on mobile devices and also needed to be bright and colorful with design and images that helped convey the purpose of the website.

After viewing our work and visiting with our team, the Kuhl Lab chose MPC Studios to create the website that was needed.  The fact is, MPC Studios has worked with many universities to create great websites, and we understand how to work with busy teams and keep a website project organized and on track toward launch. 

The final result features a responsive design that looks great on every device.  The beautiful photography and bright colors create an immediate positive impact, inviting the user to a website that is easy to navigate and has very interesting content.