Introducing a Brand New Website for the Shores at South Padre

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the revamped and refreshed website,! Over the past few months, our dedicated team has been working tirelessly behind the scenes to create a website that is intuitive, engaging, and modern with a design aesthetic that matches .

What’s New?

To start with, the site has been updated using industry standards and best practices to ensure the best possible experience for visitors. This includes making the design responsive so that visitors on mobile devices can just as easily navigate and engage with the site. 

One of our favorite new features is the new interactive map that shows available properties and integrates available MLS listings to give visitors as much information as we can about opportunities within the community.

We’ve also taken the opportunity to update the site with new photography that does a great job of showing visitors what awaits them down at South Padre Island. 

Thank You!

We want to thank our amazing team who dedicated their time and energy to make this site what it is.  Check out the new website at – we hope you enjoy our new look!



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