Goodbye Google Optimize!

One of our favorite Google Services, Optimize, is being discontinued and will no longer be available after September 2023. Optimize let users improve their website through A/B testing and personalization and was the foundation for our Conversion Optimization campaigns.

What is Conversion Optimization?

Every website should have at least one goal, or a desired action for visitors to complete. For an online store the goal is for a visitor to complete a purchase. For most service industry sites, the goal would be for a visitor to complete a contact form. When a visitor successfully completes a goal, this is called a conversion and conversion optimization is a systematic process of increasing the percentage of visitors that complete the goal.

A/B testing is a process that allows you to make changes to your website and measure whether or not the changes increase your conversion rate. For years, we have used Google Optimize to improve our customer’s websites and we’re sad to see this service sunsetting.

Move Over Google, Hello Zoho!

For years, Zoho has been building and expanding on its suite of tools that compete with all of the top SaaS providers. They have alternative services for every major SaaS offering needed to run a small business. Over the years we’ve used the Zoho CRM, Ticket System, Remote Assist, and more.

We’re also excited that Zoho has opened an office in McAllen and is participating in the local economy.

While Google has a habit of shutting down its services, Zoho has a straightforward pricing structure and a history of growth that gives us confidence that we can invest our time in their platform without fear of it disappearing out from under us.

What Does PageSense Do?

So, how can PageSense help your website? Here are just a few examples of what can be done with this service.

A/B Testing

Obviously we have to start with A/B testing. If you are serious about being a data driven organization, you must be using A/B testing to some degree. Many people create their websites based on their intuition of what makes a good website but if you are paying attention to your analytics you almost certainly have come across a surprise where your users behave in an unexpected way. A/B testing lets you measure the effectiveness of your website changes and act on them accordingly.


Website analytics provide a wealth of information about how users interact with your website but a Heatmap gives you a level of insight that you cannot get in any other way. A heatmap lets you see which sections of a page your users spend more time looking at or interacting with. This can help you visually identify which areas of your website are best at drawing the users attention.

Session Recording

Like Heatmaps, Session Recording helps you visualize user behavior in a way that you can’t easily get from normal website analytics. Session Recording actually records the activity of each user, so that you can see where their mouse moved and where on the page they scrolled to. This can help you identify places in your website where the users may get “stuck” and fail to convert any of your goals.


Zoho PageSense allows you to personalize your website for each visitor. For example, this allows you to display different images on your website depending on where the visitor is from. A visitor from Dallas could see an image of the Dallas Skyline and a visitor from South Padre Island could see an image of the beach. Beyond just simple image changes, you can create a vastly different experience for users depending on a variety of recorded differences.

Putting it All Together

Zoho PageSense has a variety of features that can be combined to begin identifying real improvements to your website and help you create a Conversion Rate Optimization campaign.



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