The E-commerce Startup

Jan Toohey had an idea to bring amazing products she found in her travels to an American audience. Having grown up and raising a family in the dry American South West, she quickly saw the value of an innovative hydrating eye mask made of simple natural ingredients.  When she reached out to MPC with her ideas, we stepped up to help her build her online store and her brand.

Client Since : 2013
Industry : Beauty, E-commerce
Headquarters : Las Vegas, Nevada
Domain :

The Challenges

The MPC Studios creative team worked with Jan to create the ToGoSpa brand including the logo design, product packaging, sales materials, and a variety of print pieces used for tradeshows and retail displays.

Creating a straightforward e-commerce site was no challenge for the MPC Studios team and over time we helped to grow the site to accommodate wholesalers and new trends. Thanks to ToGoSpas brilliant marketing the site was an immediate hit and an amazing opportunity was presented when ToGoSpa landed a spot on Good Morning America. Knowing that the website would be flooded with traffic when the show aired, MPC Studios worked with our hosting platform to ensure the site was prepared for the unprecedented spike in traffic and orders.



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