Texas Regional Bank

A Growing Bank with Growing Needs

When Texas Regional Bank first approached us they were a small bank with a big vision.  Starting with just one branch back in 2008 they very quickly expanded across the great state of Texas to over 30 branches today. MPC Studios has been with Texas Regional Bank every step of the way and has helped them grow their website to meet the changing needs of their business.

Client Since : 2010
Industry : Financial
Headquarters : Harlingen, Texas
Domain : trb.bank

The Challenges

The very first challenge the bank faced with their website was to create a professional website which instilled confidence in investors and attracted new customers to a fresh, unknown brand. 

MPC Studios took the ideals of the bank and their mission for a regionally focused bank and created a design that captured and conveyed their vision to the public in a package that rivaled the designs of much larger, national brands. 

As the bank continued to grow, year after year, the needs of the website also continued to grow. MPC Studios helped the bank serve a larger and larger customer base and provided the technical assistance to increase the efficiency of their online application process as well as integrate a variety of financial tools into the website to better serve their customers.



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