The Best Mediation Websites in 2023

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We spend a lot of time scouring the internet looking for our clients’ competitors and analyzing their sites. There are thousands of mediation and ADR websites in North America and here are our favorites for 2023.

Best Design – Lakeside Mediation

Best Marketing – Kim Mediation and Law

Best Small Business – The Law Office of Alfred T Denham

Best Overall – The McCammon Group

Runner Up – Frank Burke Mediation and Arbitration

Best Design – Lakeside Mediation

The Lakeside Mediation website is one of our overall favorites but gets high marks for design. The website design is modern and responsive with a simple navigation and a clear call to action. We love when law firms use real photos of themselves and the team is well represented immediately below the hero image.

Although it may not be critical, the simple loading animations and the animated background also add a level of polish we did not see on most other alternative dispute resolution websites.

Their scheduling service is using the calendar provided by the National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals and they have managed to integrate it into their website without detracting from the overall look and feel.

After reviewing hundreds of mediation websites across the country, this site really did stand above the rest.

Best Marketing – Kim Mediation and Law

This designer of this website has checked off all of the boxes of a digital marketers must-haves. The homepage is basically a landing page with several critical elements front and center, above the fold.

The site features a simple positioning statement, navigation is minimal, the calls-to-action are prominent, and their reviews are immediately visible. Further digging reveals an active content marketing campaign and social media presence. The blog is filled with valuable articles that almost certainly bring customers to their website.

The design aesthetic is not my favorite but the overall marketing strategy exemplified by this site is not only admirable but can also serve as an example for mediation sites trying to improve their digital marketing.

Best Small Business – Alfred T. Denham

Admittedly we are biased since this is a site that we developed but it stands toe-to-toe with any of the sites we have reviewed across the country. We like this design because it is modern, responsive and features photography of Mr. Denham and his facilities. The site also has a prominent call to action that takes visitors to the custom booking calendar created to streamline his process.

The site is very straightforward and was created to assist the attorneys with which he has an established relationship.

Best Overall – McCammon Group

The McCammon Group appears to be the largest organization to make our list and the site design has the corporate look you might expect from a group this size. Many of the websites for mediation groups around this size were surprisingly antiquated making this site notable among its peers. In all areas, this website is doing an adequate job. The website design isn’t going to knock your socks off but it does the job and presents the information clearly.

The homepage is a little busy but it also has the phone number and call to action high on the page. Instead of a booking calendar, their call to action is a contact form which is simple enough and probably effective. Their blog has a number of useful articles, unfortunately linked as PDFs, and there are a number of useful videos as well.

In almost every metric this website is “good enough” which doesn’t sound like high praise but the vast majority of their peers are completely missing some important pieces.

Runner Up – Frank Burke Mediation and Arbitration

Frank Burke provides mediation services in the San Francisco Bay Area and you might expect the competition in the area to lean heavily on technology but we found just as many old fashioned or outdated websites as we did in every other market. This website caught our attention because like the McCammon group above they are doing a little bit of everything and in most cases doing it pretty well. I think the design is much better than the McCammon site but the content is a little weaker. Most of the content appears to be largely written for SEO purposes and is less valuable to visitors looking for information.

Did we miss any?

There are probably hundreds of mediation websites we didn’t find because we relied on Google Search to locate them. If you have a mediation website that you think deserves to be on this list please send it over to us.



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