About MPC Studios

Since its founding in 1998, MPC Studios has earned a solid reputation for our award-winning creative and results-driven use of online marketing technology that has helped establish local and national brands by providing them with a professional presence on the internet that has helped elevate our clients over their competitors. That’s why we have emerged as the recognized leader in South Texas in custom web development, advertising and interactive marketing.

MPC Studios employs fresh, creative minds so that the company can stay ahead of the curve, spot trends and take advantage of them. We have put thousands of hours into web development, multi-media marketing and advertising campaigns. We are the most experienced web developers in South Texas and know how to create an online brand that will be consistent with and strengthen your company image.

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David Watkins, President & CEO
David has more than thirty years of marketing and communications experience and has been leading website development projects since 1995. His responsibility will be overall planning and strategy. He will also be available to meet with when needed, to clarify questions, address procedural changes and offer marketing advice.
David Winters, General Manager
David started at MPC Studios providing Search Engine Optimization and update support for clients. Today, he runs the day to day operations as General Manager and provides MPC Studios clients with outstanding service and team leadership. David always makes himself available to assist clients personally.
Sean Clarke, Lead Programmer
Sean Clarke is MPC Studios lead architect/programmer. Sean’s responsibilities include User Interface Design, Business Logic and Database Design. Sean is a Sun Certified JavaProgrammer, and holds a degree in Digital Imaging.
Kate Hurry, Art Director
Kate is a solid award-winning designer. She will be responsible for supervising development of the overall artistic design to ensure each project achieves marketing goals. She maintains high standards and expectations, making her the perfect Art Director.
Amanda Bourbois, Programmer
Amanda is in a perpetual state of learning as she takes client approved website designs and makes them into fully functional websites that work on an ever-growing number of web-enabled devices and operating systems.
Jen Gutierrez, Accounting
Jen handles the invoicing and accounting, and also plays a front line role with inbound phone calls. You can expect to hear Jen’s cheerful voice answer the phone when you call MPC, or if you happen to pay your invoice late, when she calls to remind you about it.
Gwendolyn McCormack, Support
Gwen came to MPC Studios as an intern from TSTC, and we never let her leave. When clients need an update, correction or just have a question that needs an answer, Gwen is on the front line of making sure immediate needs are addressed and that the customer stays happy.