Is Your Website Accessible to Visitors with Disabilities?


Does your website need to be accessible?

According to the Department of Justice, almost every websites needs to be WCAG compliant with few exceptions. Fortunately following best practices for accessibility can also make your website better for everyone! We recommend all of our clients strive for ADA compliance.

Is Your Text Easy to Read?

For visitors with vision impairments it is important to ensure that your text is easy to read. The right combination of color and contrast can dramatically improve the readability of your site.

Example of text with varying contrast

Demonstration of good and bad alt text.

Will a Screen Reader Work?

Some visitors rely on screen readers to read the content on your site. Images without appropriate descriptions can be confusing to users with a visual impairment.

Do your videos have captions?

Closed captioning for video content has been around much longer than the rest of web accessibility techniques but is still usually overlooked when creating videos for the web.

Example of video captions

$50 per month ADA Widget

This AI powered widget automatically improves the accessibility of your site and provides helpful tools to visitors with disabilities.

  • Contrast and Color Adjustments
  • Font Adjustments
  • Text Reader
  • ..and more!

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Advanced Accessibility

Let our team audit your website and manually correct accessibility issues. Best for larger or more complicated websites.
  • Best Practices Implemented by Hand
  • Custom Solutions for Complicated Websites
  • Ongoing Monitoring
  • Includes ADA Widget
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